Spinny Wonderment. Otherwise known as: an excuse to fire up after effects.

spinny wonderment. from Charlie Fisher on Vimeo.

Sometimes I get bored. Sometimes I have a concept or a technique in my head. Sometimes these times coincide and I actually execute what's floating around in my head. This is one of those times. I was just playing around in adobe after effects and wanted to play with some particles and depth of field. I've done work in lightwave and I think it's interesting how AE is starting to blur the lines between what it can do (and has been classically used for) and what proper 3D environments have "always" been able to do. AE's still no replacement for a full-blown 3D environment like lightwave, maya or 3ds but it definitely offers some nice shortcuts which would otherwise require to fire up one of those beasts to accomplish something relatively "simple".

Updated Portfolio

Apologies for the PDF but I've been running short on time lately. Non-PDF update forthcoming. In the meantime, grab my latest work: download [PDF]

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